Executive Committee

The Rowan IDEA Center is overseen by an Executive Committee, as follows: Michael S. Wetzel, Go Burrito 1/Go Ventures Inc., President; Timothy S. Norris, Health Care Management Consultants, Vice President; and Elaine Spalding, President, Rowan County Chamber of Commerce, Secretary/Treasurer.

Addison Davis is Executive Director. He can be reached at 704.633.4221 or 586.823.3436 (cell).

Dr. Renee Just
Program Facilitator

Dr. Renee Just of Winston-Salem, Program Facilitator for the IDEA Center, is a Professor in the Ketner School of Business and director of CEED at Catawba College. She has spent more than two decades working in a range of positions for various million- and billion- dollar enterprises. She holds a PhD in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from Capella University, a Master of Arts in Industrial and Organizational Psychology from the University of New Haven, and a Bachelor of Science in Business Administration from Albertus Magnus College.

Entrepreneurship will be embarked upon as a way of thinking and acting, as well as an attitude and a behavior. Our emphasis is on entrepreneurship as a process that can be applied as a stand-alone opportunity or one that can be applied in practically any organizational setting as an entrepreneur. The primary goal of this workshop series is to provide an overview of entrepreneurship, touching on key elements of mind-set and understanding what an entrepreneur “looks like” and that it’s possible to be an entrepreneur while working in a $60 billion organization!

Dr. Renee Just, Program Facilitator

“The only thing any of us can do completely on our own is to have the start of a good idea.” — Unknown