Digital Media Studio

State-of-the-art media production studios for both educational and commercial projects are planned for the Digital Media Studio.

The Ketner Center of Business at Catawba College will be the lead technical organization of this component as the college launches a new digital media production major in the fall of 2018.

It is intended to be state-of-the-art with the necessary facilities for a wide range of digital production needs, ranging from broadcast, to computer generate graphics, to video game design, to virtual and enhanced reality.

It will be an educational resource as well as be commercially available.

Initial plans call for:

  • Two recording studios with all necessary digital cameras, lighting and audio equipment.
  • A control room for each studio with monitors and control equipment.
  • A modern editing suite with state-of-the-art editing equipment.
  • A transmission room with computers and broadcast equipment.
  • Two classrooms/conference area.
  • A “talent lounge” and backroom storage.